By Alysa O' Connor

Torbay based artist Kali Vibz recently released album ‘Island In The Sun’ featuring 21 local artists on 18 tracks. Showcasing a variety of Torbay talent on a multi-genre platform; ‘Island In The Sun’ was created over two months during the first local Lockdown and recorded at Ocean Studio’s, for free.

Aiming to showcase South West talent, a range of artists from 14 to 50 years old collaborated with Kali Vibz, offering an opportunity to release new music during one of the most difficult times we’ve experienced. The album has so far tracked attention from various news outlets, as well as being featured on BBC’s Introducing with Sarah Gosling, putting Torbay back on the musical map after a taxing pandemic.

The ‘Pandemic’ music video is the first video released, so far, from ‘Island In The Sun’, and we’re delighted to be premiering this one.

Exploring current themes including questionable political leadership, the economic crash and the 1%, lockdown effects and environmental impacts; Jay Holt, Jak James, Kali Vibz and Breeze Bond have created a concept driven, off the cuff track providing us with a fresh and memorable perspective on Coronavirus’ impact in Torbay.

Directed by Spike Chambers, accompanying music video filmed in Torquay shows the artists exploring the local landscape, passing each other throughout, matching the feeling of pandemic isolation. Instead of a group driven emotion, the music video emphasises the lack of connection between each artist, a feeling experienced by all during lockdown. There’s a cheeky ‘easter egg’ at the start of this video too, Jay Holt wakes up to his alarm, track ‘Dreams’ by Alannah and Kali Vibz from album ‘Island In The Sun’.

Next week, we’ll be releasing a Q&A with Kali Vibz and some other featuring artists to delve deeper into ‘Island In The Sun’ and find out more about upcoming releases.

Watch/listen to ‘Pandemic’ here:

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