London’s Volleyball continues to impress with their recent single ‘Escape’, a magnetic release that boasts their psych-induced creativity.

‘Escape’ continues their warm, shimmering sound yet brings the vocal harmonies forward. Creating a real ebb and flow between the vocals and the music. Pushing their music into an expansive sound that is bewildering yet delightfully infectious.

Speaking on the track the band said: “Escape was written around the concept of a zen metaphor: the present moment flows like water with a wake behind it that fades – the great river of time. We loved this image and wanted to look at how music provides an escape, naturally and effortlessly.”

The track captures this perfectly, the music moves like water and washes over the listener. Creating real tranquility that flows through their music into your ears.

Although Volleyball sits neatly in the modern-psych genre they bring something new to each release. A new sound or feeling to explore, it’s a real talent. Keep your eyes on Volleyball, they’re going to make a real splash in the psych scene.

Listen/watch ‘Escape’ here:

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