The London based psych band Volleyball come through with a community ethos, opening their arms to invite the warm hug of collaboration. The idea is to create a creative community around their music. It’s a new and fresh take on the DIY model, bringing their success to others and vise versa. The band was forged in a forest hut in the summer of 2019 (you may remember that time as the year of live music and normality). They set up a temporary studio and got to work, creating a material for six tracks.

One said track is their debut release ‘Slide’, a shimmering guitar led psych-pop track that is filled to the brim with spaced out sounds and an aura of nonchalant. It is brilliantly retrospective yet wonderfully fresh, creating a real fusion of new and old in one vibrant package.

It’s an exciting debut from the band that boasts their ability to craft a real sensual earworm. Be sure to follow these guys on Spotify and socials, they’re showing great potential.

Listen to ‘Slide’ here:

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