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Out now via LAB Records

Rating: 9/10

By Mark McConville

Scottish band VUKOVI can’t be pigeonholed or branded, which makes the act unique. Their sound is difficult to categorise too, as there’s many genres evident and intertwined, many musical formulas constructed with power and ambition. Their self-titled debut is an electrifying play on words and instrumentals, with the guitar lines blazing and shuddering the scene. And Vocalist Janine, powers her voice with reason and intent. She has a wonderful tone to her voice, a rasping, unapologetic, quality. She guides it supremely, never losing focus.

And that’s the sign of a great vocalist, someone who can lower and then lift their voice to maximise the experience. Not many singers can do so, there’s far too many who crack under the pressure when trying to raise the tone. VUKOVI have themselves a singer, capable of lifting hairs on the spines of the non-believers. As the album plays on, it’s evident that there are grunge influences piercing through the skin of the music, as well punk effects. This creates excitement and sways the sound towards hope, but as mentioned before, there is no direct bubble for VUKOVI’S music to bounce and flutter about in, which shows the band are a diverse collective.

The album strikes with many brilliant songs. These include the brash ‘Target Practise’ and the harmonic, sombre, poignant, ‘Wander’. They’re truly monumental in the progression of a progressive album. Also, Animal is a sure punk triumph, with a riff, straight out of a dingy, inspirational music dive in the middle of the American dream.

VUKOVI are a band proudly executing an exciting sound, mastered by musicians destined to create impact in the industry.