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What even is normal anymore? Can anyone tell me? The world’s all a bit weird right now, ey? What happens when the already struggling zero hour contracted workers, can’t top their wages up with extra hours in this ‘new normal’ pandemic climate?

Wakey Wakey Rise and Shine tackle this subject on their new cosmic-journey through the psychedelic mindscape on the Bristol five-piece’ latest single ‘Overtime’. A desperate cry of “No overtime, how do I make a living, an empty fridge, a stomach howl, forgetting all about these bills” sums up what a lot of us have faced during 2020.

With a surging woosh the track hits you after the first few seconds, and the meshing of the various sounds and effects is a leisurely joyride through a fever dream. Certain elements of the track simply fade in and out of existence as the song progresses through it’s three-and-a-half minute journey.

Although the lyrical content of the song may feel like a downer, highlighting many of the modern day struggles we as a society in the U.K face, the overall musicality of the track is very upbeat and positive. A real collage of wavy guitars and synths woven together with solid rhythm section and a main guitar line that just keeps giving and giving throughout.

If you’re a fan of CLUNK favourites FEET and their excellent debut album ‘What’s Inside is More Than Just Ham’ you’ll be very at home with the sound of Wakey Wakey Rise and Shine. Essential listening.

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