Music | Feature | Watch Ty Segall’s Craziest Performance Yet

By Kieran Webber

Ty Segall has never been one to act ‘normally’ or be considered normal at that within his music and outside of it. Through time his live performances have been outlandish and very entertaining, who can forget when he rocked up to Conan dressed like a space wizard or his explosive performance of ‘You’re The Doctor’ on The David Letterman Show.

Nothing prepared me for what I saw of the live performance of Ty Segall & The Muggers on KEXP though, Ty’s theme for the latest album ‘Emotional Mugger’ is one of childlike innocence with constant references to being a baby. That is the vibe I get but I am not here to analyse his art but simply admire it.

During the performance of Ty Segall & The Muggers (which consists of Mikal Cronin, King Tuff & half of Wand) Ty parades around with a horribly realistic baby mask whilst drooling and spitting on himself and in between songs asks for his mummy.

Even though this is one of his outlandish and far out performances it is by far one of his most solid, you can tell he is clearly having a lot of fun impersonating a man baby whilst playing his music with his friends or ‘babysitters’ as he refers them as.

Watch here: