Words & Photography by Kieran Webber

As the rain came down and the winds blew a gust, deep inside the cavern of FIVES was a night of pure garage-punk madness. After much planning and email swapping we finally managed to get WAXX, Half Kut & Clay Allison to play a CLUNK show.

The night was everything that we had hoped for, their was crowd surfing (literally thanks to Half Kut bringing their famous surfboard). Sweaty pits, big smiles and plenty of riffs.

Kicking things off was young guns Clay Allison, the three piece punk outfit are a dastardly barrage of politically charged, anarchic infused raw punk energy. Playing tracks from their most recent ‘Get Blitzed Eat Pie’ EP to an adoring and building fan base. They have captured the sentiment and voice of their counterparts and blow it up to 11 through their music. Clay Allison are really one of Cornwall’s most exciting and ferocious exports operating at the moment.

Check the highlights here:

Following on was the Porthleven based gnar-shredders Half Kut whom have established themselves as one of Cornwall’s best yet worst bands. Their surf inspired garage rock is highly infectious due to its lightheartedness and tongue in cheek approach. However, they may have comedy elements to their set (you cannot help but smile and giggle whilst they play) there is a political edge to them that I feel goes over most people’s head. Songs such as ‘Run David Run’ talks about the Brexit vote, lyrics such as “3 0 0 On A Bus” ring true to a political lie from the ruling class. They’re a fun band that always bring out the crazy in the audience, you can’t help but be totally enamoured by their performance. They’re one of the few bands that bring a bag for life with footballs, shark heads & a surfboard to a show. If you get a chance you absolutely must see Half Kut live, you will have an absolute blast.

Closing our night off was the ever powerful duo WAXX, a band that seem unrelenting in energy. It always amazes me that two people can create such a wall of sound. The duo donned their white overalls and brought handyman chic to a whole new level of cool. By infusing simple vocals with fast paced, riotous riffs and percussion they create a sound that is incredibly infectious. Within moments of starting the crowd were on their feet and jumping about, it boasted the bands ability to control a room.

Overall it was a great night that boasted Cornwall’s ability to turnout to a show as well as Cornwall’s beaming musical talent. There is more to this County than pasties, fishing boats and second home owners, although pasties are great still.

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By Kieran Webber

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