Karum Cooper (AKA Webmoms) has returned with his glistening new single ‘Jheel’, featuring the stunning vocals of Charlotte Lloyd Butler. It follows on from a string of releases such as ‘On My Way’ (featuring Daisy Clark) and ‘Rice & Potatoes’ (featuring Sukie). We see a continuation of serene sensibility matched with inventive and intricate musicianship that is a constant feature of any project Karum is involved in.

‘Jheel’ opens up with the sound of running water that leads nicely into the subtle guitar plucks whilst Charlotte’s harmonious vocals breeze over. There is a sense of tranquility that runs through the track but is matched by an eerie sense of unease, it’s as if at any moment the facade of peace will be erased. It’s a stunning track that boasts their musical partnership. Both artists complement one another throughout the track creating a real pairing of minds.

As always Webmoms have shown that Cornwall is home to musical talent to match the best of bigger musical hubs. His music continues to be an explorative drive into the realms of lo-fi, hip-hop, and bedroom pop but with that ever-familiar golden touch of his. There is no doubt that this unique touch will be what sets the project apart from others across the globe.

Listen to ‘Jheel’ here:

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