The Irish duo set a new precedent for their sound moving forward with latest single ‘Rubiks Cube’

With less than a month to go before their hotly anticipated sophomore LP, whenyoung have delivered another excerpt from the record, this time with ‘Rubiks Cube’, a brooding pop anthem packed with charm and nostalgia. Their upcoming record ‘Paragon Songs’ is set to undertake an almost self-critical narrative, delving into darker depths than the band have tackled before. This new single is continuing to set this tone, with its streamlined balance of dark and light. 

Aoife Power’s vocals are delicate, an ethereal quality working as a stark juxtaposition to the everchanging and pulsating electro-pop instrumental. The track carries a frantic energy, alerted, rushing, with tasteful dropouts resulting in an incredibly dynamic track. Whereas their previous efforts played more into an indie rock feel, this new output shows the versatility, the talent, of this mesmerising duo. 

Listen to/watch ‘Rubiks Cube’:

New album ‘Paragon Songs’ arrives April 7th via AntiFragile Music.