Music | Feature | Why Kano’s This Is England Should Be Englands Official Song For Euro 2016


By Richard Paulis

Kano’s latest anthem is a pot of boiling water, simmering from a slow marching snare beat and soft orchestral backdrop instantly bubbling into a hectic display of superior lyricism accompanied with a soulful twist. It’s aggressive but quirky, it’s fast but comprehensive, it’s raw, honest and blunt, it’s England.

In my personal opinion it embodies our current stance as a national football team and should be our musical representation this summer in France. We’re rapidly establishing an identity as a team with an unlimited amount of punches (even if we don’t always land them flush on the jaw and our legs do wobble on occasion). And from the shadows our fighters have emerged. England personified, Jamie Vardy, he’s every single Sunday league player, he’s every single person who works to maintain sanity until the weekend when they can block their nose with beak, he’s every single boy in their bedroom dreaming of being a footballer, he’s living it for us all and my god the boy can play.

On the other end of the scale is our new poster boy, our shining light. He’s got the skills, the image, the bite to his game and most of all potential with time on his side, Dele Alli has emerged as England’s new show pony and he’s backing up all of the attention gained from his grooming. As Kano says ‘you can be a villain or a victim’, not only does this represent England within major tournaments but it could specifically represent Dele Alli.

If he travels to France this summer with the squad he’ll be the David beckham of 1998, the Wayne Rooney of 2004/2006, the gazza of 1996. When you’re the brightest light hero or zero is very much the case. To complete the new triplet of names on the mouths of the country there’s the mother’s favourite Harry Kane, in the words of Kano ‘we take to water like a duck’, could any more be said of Mr Kane.

You could easily say he’s probably within the top 3 most prolific strikers in the whole of europe in the last 2 seasons (I will exclude Lionel messi and Cristiano ronaldo as they are within their own planet.), other than Robert Lewandowski and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang who has been as consistent as Harry Kane? As bright as our sparks can be, the fire hasn’t completely been lit, a bland loss to the Netherlands showed our defensive frailties whilst it also optimised how potent we are in attack but we can’t always rely on out-scoring the opponent. Not only do we need to show more concentration but we need Kano’s ‘Rocky staircase flow’, fight and perseverance once were in France this summer.