Why Surfing & Skating Becoming An Olympic Sport Is Exciting

By Rocky Poole

The Olympics is one event whereby the world unites and becomes one, we all feel the excitement and each and every one of us are involved. However, for the surfers and skaters, this worldly adventure is one to be slightly pushed aside and not fully endured as those of other sporting stars.

For the entire existence of the Olympic Games, the sports involved have solemnly remained put in place and has followed a similar pattern annually each year, yet as this ever adapting generation grows, we begin to realise that the future is now upon us. It’s time now, to embrace the Surf and skate world and include it within this world class event.

There have been meetings to discuss the introduction of surfing and skating and the idea is most certainly being looked into with great content. Along with many other sports including karate, rock climbing softball and others.

As fellow surfers and skaters ( or supporters of, ) let’s take 5 to pause and realise how exciting this could be. Yes, you’re allowed to squeal a high pitched squeal of joy, you hardcore knarly skate rats and stoke searching surfers.

With the annual X games running so incredibly well, how insane would it be to see the likes of ‘David Gonzalez’ competing for the country.

Personally speaking, skating and surfing should’ve been included in the games from day 1. With the pure determination, courage and let’s not forget, skill, that they include. Surfing, for example, requires a highly specific talent and is a sport only performed by a certain individual, as does skating. The two sports for many years have been shunned as ‘simply recreational fun and games’ or ‘a hobby.’ This statement really is incredibly controversial.┬áYes, they’re recreational, but aren’t all other sports too? What’s to say that skating is different, or that it has different intentions and structural outlines to a game of badminton. They both involve high levels of skill, fitness, endurance and practice. The list is endless.

Think of an element involved with any type of sport.┬áWhether┬áthat be the┬ástamina required or┬áthe┬ástrict rules to the game. I can easily link it to surfing and skating.┬áBoth sports have rules. Take surfing: in the law of the Surf world, no surfer is allowed to take the wave of another or cut back on them. For me personally, as a skater, I say with confidence, that skating has proved not just to be a hobby, but a lifestyle and I’d happily state that skateboarding is my sport. After a session skating, I feel the same physical endurance as I do from a game of tennis, or a swim. Skating provides me with the drive and competitive streak just like any sport, and naturally, encourages me to push my limits and continue to improve my skills. I must also add, that skating and surfing are sports whereby the whole community are involved and inspire one another. We are a team. A strong bonded group of individuals, with passion and drive and pure, pure love of what we do. If that doesn’t class as a sport, then man… I don’t know what does!

Let’s see where the journey of surfing and skating takes us and let’s await the arrival of two incredible sports to the 2020 Olympics. Hold your breath and keep shredding fellow surfers and skaters. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Tony Hawke or Kelly Slater to take home a gold.