By Kieran Webber

The Live Music Industry Has Been On Hiatus For Over A Year And Artists Have Been Struggling To Survive, So No, You Can’t Have Guestlist

The live music industry is starting to turn its cogs after a year in disarray and hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Artists are starting to look to the near future and tours, live shows, maybe even a few festivals are on the horizon, at long last.

The government’s roadmap out of lockdown is going smoothly as is the vaccination program. There have even been tests recently in Liverpool where 5000 people attended a mini-festival which saw Blossoms headline. Everyone from fans, workers, and musicians are breathing a breath of relief as the prospect becomes more realistic.

So, in theory, as we have all watched artists and the music industry as a whole struggle you’d think we’d all be foaming at the mouth the throw our money at tickets to support our music industry friends, who have been told to retrain or out of work for over a year. Well, some of us are but there are still a few entitled people asking for guest lists already.

A recent Facebook post by one of my musician friends took my eye as they explained that their first announced show in a year had seen him messaged for guestlist. It makes you wonder how you could have the audacity to ask this question, not only post-pandemic but even beforehand. Unless your a photographer, journalist or working the event*, you shouldn’t have free access. What are you providing by simply turning up? Nothing. You should WANT to pay and invest in these events, as we’ve learned over the pandemic, without money coming in, these events stop.

This is part of a bigger attitude problem that the industry has to deal with, particularly it seems in Cornwall. There is an entitlement or a downright refusal to not pay for live music, it needs to stop. If you don’t support your local scene then you will lose it. Stop moaning about £2 entry fees or ticket fees for larger acts, especially if your friend is playing too!

If you’re not providing anything to the artist then no, you can’t go on the guestlist so stop asking. It’s time we support our local artists, musicians, and scene. Especially after it suffered over a year of inactivity and financial hardship. Also if they’re your friend, surely you’d want to actually support them?

*Or if you have allocated spaces in your contract/rider for friends and family.