Although Nashville, USA is their home now, Wild Love is made up of an international cast, made up of members from Ireland, Turkey, and New York. The fusing has created an infectious indie-pop sound that brings forward heartfelt songwriting and glistening melodies.

Their band recently returned with their brand new single ‘I Hate That I Need You’, a release which encapsulates their daring indie-pop sound. It carries a similarity to artists such as The 1975, Kings Of Leon, and The Academic. It’s easy listening that boasts the bands ability to craft earworms.

The track takes no time in establishing the vocals, which kick in straight away, whilst a subtle guitar builds in the background, this is then joined slowly by the bass and percussion. Brandon Gorman’s vocals take charge as the track opens up into a delightful barrage of indie-pop goodness. Wild Love continue to wear their heart on their sleeve through their music, it’s raw and beautiful songwriting.

Speaking on the track Brandon Gorman says: “The title and lyrics kind of say it all…like, I think the way it’s written, it’s just my internal monologue that slipped out as a song…granted, I swear a lot more in my internal monologue, so I guess this is just a PG version of it, but still.”

Listen to ‘I Hate That I Need You’ here:

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