Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Label: Dirty Hit

When a band reaches their third album it’s usually make or break time. The first album sees them gain success, the second album they can usually ride that success but the third is when a band has to put in the work and evolve. Not only have Wolf Alice successfully done this but their new album, ‘Blue Weekend’ is a career-defining release that already screams album of the year.

To break down ‘Blue Weekend’ into individual tracks seems like a travesty, such is the strength of the album as a whole. Each song feels like a movement in a larger piece and demands your attention.

With Blue Weekend, Wolf Alice sweeps through styles with ease, blending them together to create an album that feels cinematic in all of its widescreen beauty. ‘Delicious Things’ floats like a Lana Del Ray song, ‘Safe From Heartbreak’ feels like a Fleetwood Mac cut, ‘How Can I Make It Ok’ rings back to the ’80s. Wold Alice throw in a bit of Minor Threat style hardcore with ‘Play The Greatest Hits’ for good measure.

With each song containing multiple layers to unravel, it feels like Wolf Alice has sat down and thought about every single note and section. These layers reward the listener with something to discover on each repeat and yet ‘Blue Weekend’ is also instantly rewarding with its lush widescreen sounds, layered vocals, and beautiful melodies.

‘Blue Weekend’ has much to unpack, and is an album that demands, and certainly deserves multiple listens. Each time you’re guaranteed to discover something new and interesting. In short, this album is beautiful, powerful, and is such a giant leap forward from their previous records, it’s hard to think of them as the same band. Congratulations Wolf Alice, you’ve already made the deciding of album of the year pretty easy and it’s only June.

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