By Willow Shields 

Worry Club: twenty-one year old Chase Walsh from Chicago making sugary experiential indie.  The new double track single featuring ‘Japanese’ and ‘A Whole Month of You’ promises a bright future for Worry Club, with Walsh writing, playing and producing everything from the twinkly synths to the deeply personal and relatable lyrics, accompanied by visual artist Zack Zagula.  

Newly Signed to Future Gods Records, an indie label based in Los Angeles CA, Worry Club aren’t afraid to get personal,  “I use my music as a tool to figure all this sh*t out and I find it cathartic that so many people who listen to my music relate to the things I am feeling”.  With a sound comparable to Gus Dapperton and Crumb, Worry Club seems to be making music not only for himself but for the youth of today.

Check out ‘Japanese’ & ‘A Whole Month Of You’ here:

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