Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Label: Small Pond Records

If lockdown has done one positive thing (hard to think it has at all) then it’s given artists that time to create. One artist that’s done this is Brighton native Ruby Taylor or as she’s more commonly known, Yumi and the Weather. Stuck at home during lockdown, Yumi and the Weather set up her laptop, midi keyboard and microphone and set to work. The result is the new EP ‘Some Days’.

‘Some Days‘ is a work borne of the need to create. Ruby journeys between the 80’s synth wave of first track ‘No More’, where the vocals almost have a Bananarama feel to them, to the off kilter guitar lines of second track ‘The More I Hear the Less I Believe’ which plays like a demo from an Alvvays album.

The simple drum machines, Casio keyboards and lo-fi vocals create a kind of intimacy on this record. If this is what Yumi and the Weather can create when she’s shut in a room by herself with only a laptop, it’ll be interesting to see what she can create when we’re eventually allowed out again and she has the full force of a studio.

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