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Joe Day
Joe Day

To write about the people, places, and experiences on offer in this beautiful place is some of the most fun I’ve had in my short life, and I am always excited for the future of music in the South-West I’m a sucker for acts from far-off lands, but home is where the heart is right?

Liverpool’s very own sonic sweetheart is back, baby! After over a year of long awaited anticipation, Zuzu has tapped herself back into the ring with the bright, zappy and delectable single ‘Timing’.

The busy bedroom-popper had built herself a strong, steady momentum throughout the pre-pandemic era. Boasting a brilliant, bright eyed talent for heart-filled emotionally driven anthems, she drew eyes from all over the scene and found herself in the spotlights of Clash, DIY, Dork, The Line of Best Fit, The Independent, Radio 1, even being graced by The Guardian, who placed her proudly on their Ones To Watch list. Frankly it’s difficult to imagine the singer-songwriter finding herself in any other position: Her 2020 EPHow It Feels’ was a sincere, intimate exploration of 20-something worries and woes in the form of joyous pop-rock, placing the earnest pains of youth on a punchy pedestal with unapologetic vigour.

This new single has dropped her confidently back into the playing field without remorse. The track stretches and yawns to the sound of wobbly, distant guitars before the singer quickly takes charge in true Scouser spirit, her thick accent proudly fronting the soundscape with sharp, punchy drums kicking dust up behind the mix. Fabulously fuzzy guitars and sugar-sweet synths flow together throughout the euphoria of the song’s chorus, emoting a breath of fresh air after a long stretch of irritable indoor inactivity. It’s pretty appropriate considering the wider world context, and may well prove to be an anthem for freedom as we start to return to some semblance of normality.

Discussing the subject matter of the song in her own words, she said: “This song is about what could have been – meeting someone you have an instant connection with but the timing was never right. It’s about those lonely late nights / early mornings when the sun is rising and that person creeps into your mind. You wonder where they are, if they’re thinking of you too. I wanted to capture the nostalgic but also melancholy feeling brought on by those sad longing thoughts for somebody you loved.”

It’s no wonder the singer-songwriter has had her hands full with writing music for Cartoon Network‘s beloved series “Adventure Time: Distant Lands” – the sheer joy, wonder and amazement that comes off the track as it buzzes its way through it’s 3 and a half minute runtime like a busy bee in springtime is exactly the vibe one would expect from the cult-classic show. It’s clear that Zuzu’s talent for iconic anthems that encapsulate the child-like wonder of wide eyed adolescents taking their first steps into the unfortunate realities of adult life is one that is going to carry her onto even bigger and better things, and ‘Timing’ is the certification that we have barely scratched the surface of what she has to offer.

Hell, only last month she became the first artist in the northern hemisphere to play a non-socially-distanced live show post-covid. As support for Blossoms, she performed to 5000 fans. If that’s not a promise of what’s to come for the singer-songwriter, nothing is.

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