CLUNK Magazine is made up of a dedicated team of contributors that pride themselves in covering local and national music. Writing about underground music through to established artists. We want to create a place that Cornish music fans can come to read about bands in their town and further afield.




I am incredibly lucky to say that I grew up in Cornwall and although it has its mishaps I love this wonderful county. The one thing that always bothered me that there was no proper music publication based in Cornwall, so I created CLUNK. I want this space to boast the local scene and bring creatives from around the nation to Cornwall. This county is worthy of people’s time and soon people will start to take notice.

Felix Bartlett



After traveling down to study in Cornwall I fell in love with the music scene that was on offer. I initially began photographing for Clunk when Kieran Webber (Founder of Clunk) kindly took me under his wing, giving me the opportunity to go wild and continue to capture the incredible music scene down South. Since my initial role as a photographer, I have become the print editor for Clunk’s physical publication. The goal is I want to share with the music industry some of the best talents Cornwall has to offer. Often ignored it can’t be denied that this coastal county is an untapped resource and slowly but surely people are beginning to notice the incredible talent on offer down there.  

Willow Shields



CLUNK was the first place I found to publish my work at beginning of my venture into my career in music. I got in touch with Kieran and started writing for CLUNK in 2020 where I was given the opportunity to fall in love with music journalism (and music in a different way). I’ve been going to gigs since I was a pre-teen, following bands around the UK and having my life revolve around music. I’ve been writing and photographing for both the site and the print magazine since then, in both London and Brighton spreading the CLUNK name through the land. Having become an editor, my aim is to bring a bit of unhinged charm to music journalism and help others find their path to get into music.

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