Clunk magazine is something that was birthed by Kieran and Jay after a much awaited surf at their local spot, both of them had been away at university and as a result had neglected each other’s friendship and surfing. It only took one surf to rekindle the beautiful friendship and the natural bounce of ideas came back stronger than ever and thus Clunk Magazine was born. However, Jay has since moved on due to commitments with his new family (congratulations!) The dream still lives though through Kieran and recently joined Editor Bobby.

Kieran Webber


Having spent 3 years at Falmouth University and managing to graduate I found myself being drawn back home. As the saying goes, home is where the heart is, and my heart is firmly placed in Newquay for now. I have been a keen waterman since the age of 14 and haven’t looked back since. My love for writing and reading lead me to initially write about and photograph surfing but over time I have found my strength in music and lifestyle journalism. I am hoping to create a home for all things art, music and lifestyle with this humble web page and look forward to the bright future of Clunk Magazine.

Viva La Clunk!

Clunk Photographers 

Jim Taylor 

Jim Taylor

Born in the pie fuelled town of Wigan, to then living in the crust of Cornwall for three years and then back again; I have an interest in people, in subcultures and in lager fuelled punk gigs. Skateboarding has played a huge part in my interest as a photographer and will continue to do so for as long as I physically use my legs. You will find me in similar places regardless if I have my camera or not due to the personal connection I fuel my photography on.





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