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Deadletter Headline SON Estrella Galicia Event at Paper Dress Vintage

SON Estrella Galicia, a project for people who love beer and music, curated by people who love beer and music. That’s doing good for the planet and putting on unforgettable shows in partnership with Paper Dress Vintage.

The Backseat Lovers Return With New Single And An Interview From November ’21

Utah sweethearts ‘The Backseat Lovers’ sign to Polydor Records with new single ‘Growing/Dying’ and also an old interview.

Top 5 Performances At Boardmasters 2022

Boardmasters has been and gone and the blues is truly setting in, so let’s pick out our top 5 performances from the weekend.

Cornish Artists To Check At Boardmasters 2022

Boardmasters has grown to be one of the UK’s leading festivals, bringing in artists from around the world, but it also showcases the talent right here in Cornwall.


Review | Bleach Lab – If You Only Feel It Once

In ‘If You Only Feel It Once’, Bleach Lab have hit upon gold with their sound, and you can’t help but feel that this is the beginning of something special.

New Music

New Music | Divorce – That Hill

Ahead of their debut EP, ‘Get Mean’, Divorce release one more single: the wonderfully warm and uplifting ‘That Hill’.

Listen To This

Listen To this | Bloodyarvo – Feel My Heart Sleeps

Australian indie outfit Bloodyarvo shares emotive new single ‘Feel My Heart Sleeps’.

Listen To This | Wild Celia – Waiting For The Love

Fledgling duo Wild Celia share debut single ‘Waiting For The Love’.

Listen To This | FAERIE – K-Town

New York artist FAERIE dazzles with latest single ‘K-town’.

Listen To this | The Marigolds – My Undoing

Liverpool’s The Marigolds come out swinging and firing at all cylinders with latest single ‘My Undoing’.

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