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SXSW 2023

SXSW Special | King Stingray Talk Life In Remote Australia, New LP, And More

We sat down with Australian outfit King Stingray post show at Australia House during SXSW to chat new music, life in Aus and much more.

SXSW Special | Dea Matrona Chat Influences, Being Independent Artists, And More

The Irish band hung out what us briefly at SXSW to chat about influences, being independent and much more.

SXSW Special | Panic Shack Talks TikTok Hate, Dance Moves, And More

We hung out in the cellar style venue in Austin called The Creek and Cave with Panic Shack to chat about TikTok hate, dance moves, and more.

SXSW Special | Personal Trainer Chat Friendship, Taking On America, & More

On a sunny Texan day during SXSW we caught up with Personal Trainer for a wholesome chat about friendship, DIY attitude, and much more!

Listen To This

Listen To This | Dylan James – I’m NOT Superman

The new single from Dylan James sees mental health, unique lyricism, and stunning levels of production wrapped up into one track.

Listen To This | Dirty Nice – Shoes

Alt-pop duo Dirty Nice have released their newest single, ‘Shoes’, a follow-up to their previous track, ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’.

Listen To This | Frozemode – Stick Dat

London newcomers Frozemode bring a fresh and exciting alt hip-hop sound to the table with newest single ‘Stick Dat’

Listen To This | Dark Tropics – I Bet You Can

Having been considered Irish legends, Dark Topics are becoming the lucky charm in any listener’s playlist.


Who the f**k is Puscifer?

Dive into the experimental rock group Puscifer and check out why we’re pumped to catch their debut performance at Download Festival this June.

10 tracks we can’t wait to hear Bring Me The Horizon play at Download Festival

From Count Your Blessings to Post Human, here at the top 10 tracks we can’t wait to hear Bring Me The Horizon play at Download Festival 2023. 

How To Avoid Disappointment When Boardmasters Sells Out

Boardmasters 2023 Is Cascading Towards A Sell Out Event, So Avoid Disappointment And Secure Your Tickets.

Squid Return To The Cornish Bank To Showcase New Music During Their Residency

The Cornish bank surprised everyone last week with potentially one of the best kept secrets we’ve seen in Cornwall’s fast growing and ever changing music scene.

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