By Kieran Webber

The absurd artist from Austin, Texas (now in L.A.) creates music that doesn’t adhere to the rules. There is a level of surreality that pushes the rulebook out the picture. With this level of off kilter approach to his music you cannot help but be enamoured. It’s music for the curious and for those wishing for some form of escapism. Lets face it, in today’s world that is something incredibly needed and valuable.

Recently Baby FuzZ dropped ‘We’re All Going To Die!!!’, a very apt release for the times. The single embodies everything that makes Baby FuzZ brilliant. It’s chaotic, fun and wildly infectious. Sitting in the middle of this musical madness is some fantastic tongue-in-cheek songwriting, boasting Baby FuzZ‘ ability craft music that demands to be played on repeat.

‘We’re All Going To Die!!!’ is the soundtrack to 2020, the soundtrack for those wanting to laugh their fear away, at least for a moment. This is a cathartic song that offers just a comedic release. After all if you can’t laugh, what can you do?

Listen to ‘We’re All Going To Die!!!’ here: