Words: Kieran Webber | Header Image: Felix Bartlett 

Here at CLUNK we have been eager to start hosting live music, after spending the last two years covering live music we wanted to bring a slice of musical madness to our local scene. Cornwall is an often overlooked and forgotten county when it comes to music. However, in the last year or so the scene has been growing and getting stronger by the day. Each gig put on attracts a hefty audience and our debut show with BAGGS and Mother Vulture was no exception.

Kicking things off was the local BAGGS boys who brought their grunge/00’s emo inspired music with raucous effect. The near sold out room was at the mercy of their emotively driven rock, with the occasional screech of “BAGGS!”, something the band has become known for. With each show these guys grow and refine their sound, it’s raw, deeply emotional music that carries riffs as large as a house.

Check out the highlights of the night here:

Following quickly was the much anticipated hard rock sounds of Mother Vulture, who came out swinging and kicking from the get go. Their sound was utterly relentless and their energy was wildly infectious. The crowd didn’t stop moving from the open chords, mosh pits opened up and crowd surfing was a regular occurence. The tasty licks from guitarist Brodie Maguire matched by the massive stage presence of lead singer Georgi Ivanov created an awe inspiring atmosphere. The Bristol based band turned up to make an impact, and that they certianly did. Their explosive sound will be ringing through the streets of Falmouth for a long time.

Both bands brought the thunder and left a massive impact on the Falmouth scene. It was a brilliant night that boasted the strength of the local scene but also the strength of a bustling rock scene. If anyone tried to tell you rock n roll is dead, tell them to go watch BAGGS or Mother Vulture live.

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