Alysa O'Connor
Alysa O’Connor

You’ll find her behind the lens at live music events, or expanding her ever-growing plant family.

Having been a familiar face in the London underground scene for a few years and being a founding member of Moroccan Gnawa band Electric Jalaba and dub-influenced guitar outfit Flying Ibex, Keen has been smashing through the scene collecting various noteworthy project titles on the way.

Barnaby Keen has been working on solo projects after being approached by producer Oli Barton on the subject, founder of Plum Cuts label in Peckham.

Barnaby Keen has a really calm, strong and simple sound. Less is more is the perfect expression for Keen’s vocals.

Debut single ‘Lay Our Cards’ came out recently, offering breezy melodies and what’s perfectly described as a sonic breath of fresh air. The track instantly grips us with lo-fi beats and gorgeous, gentle melodic riffs. Combining indie sensibilities with a psychedelic twang, Barnaby Keen’s created a beautiful piece of music that walks us through the turbulence of a relationship in limbo, using metaphoric lyrics and truly encapsulating instrumental.

Accompanying music video, directly by Barnaby himself, uses stock video work throughout the decades, with quirky editing of movement in clips keeping in beat to the track, offering a mesmerising vintage montage of visuals.

With such a truly beautiful sound and an impressive roster of previous projects, Barnaby Keen is on track to create more impressive, gripping work that we can’t wait to get wrap our ears around.

Watch/listen to ‘Lay Our Cards’ here: