By Kieran Webber

The recently emerged garage rock artist Billy Moon from Hamilton, Canada has recently shared the single ‘I Wanna Know’ taken from his forthcoming debut EP. The single invites you into the bizarro yet inquisitive world of Billy Moon all the while boasting his infectious garage rock sound.

Speaking about the track Billy says;

“I wrote this song a while ago while I was still in University. I recorded it with Aron D’Alesio (of Young Rival) in a small studio in Toronto a while ago. It’s great for the song to finally come to light. Funny enough, since that time my friends in Mr. Joy currently rent and operate the studio where we recorded (The Black Lodge).

In my life I’ve come across people that are so convinced that they know the answers to things. For example:

    • People that try to cover up insecurity with unfounded confidence
    • People that are more concerned with being cool than being authentic
    • People that refuse to see the world through the eyes of others because that’s just being pessimistic
    • People that avoid any self reflection and keep blaming others for their problems
    • People that influence others for the sake of it
    • People that see life as a game with rules, scores, prizes, winners and losers

Life ain’t like that and I wanna know why they think it is. But maybe you know?”

Listen/watch ‘I Wanna Know’ here: