Luke James
Luke James

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Label: Foxfive Records

‘Written & Directed’ is the second album from Brighton natives Black Honey and it is massive. When they first gave us a glimpse of what’s to come with lead single ‘Beaches’, it came like a warning shot. Starting with a classic glam rock stomp and shuffle, the track comes like a rallying call. The attitude and confidence of Black Honey come pouring out and it doesn’t stop throughout the entirety of ‘Written & Directed’.

With a title inspired by Tarantino, ‘Written & Directed’ sounds ambitious and grand enough to soundtrack a movie that I need to see. With tracks like ‘Believer’ and ‘I Do It To Myself’ you can practically smell the popcorn as you watch the closing credits. ‘Written & Directed’ isn’t all end credit material though. ‘Disinfect’’s chorus comes in like a gut punch with its wall of guitars and drums that sound like they’re being beaten with hammers. It’s a departure from the acoustic and horn sections that pepper the previous tracks but it just speaks to the versatility of Black Honey.

There is a range of inspirations here from the Black Keys strut of ‘Beaches’ to the Wolf Alice-like widescreen of ‘Back Of The Bar’ yet the whole album is cohesive and dripping with Black Honey’s own style. With ‘Written & Directed’, Black Honey seems to be on a plain of their own and making music for no one but themselves. That doesn’t mean we can’t all be sucked in for the ride though. Just don’t forget the popcorn.