Words & Photography by Kieran Webber

The basement venue in Falmouth yet again provided an intimate space for an eager audience, ready to get their brains rattled by an array of noise. The near sold out event saw local pop punkers The Interceptors, post-rock ensemble Paulo Post Futures and rising rock outfit Bonetired rock the venue to it’s very core.

Interceptors by Kieran Webber

Opening the night was the fiery pop-punk outfit the Interceptors who came out swinging with a barrage of percussion, anthemic riffs and emotive vocals. Ever since seeing them last year I always get excited when I see these chaps on the bill and each time I see them live they never disappoint. Here’s to hoping for some more releases in 2019.

Following this was a shift in sound but one still just as impressive. The London based post rock band brought a level of musical inventiveness that was utterly inspiring. Carrying a similar sound to the likes of Explosions In The Sky and Boards Of Canada. The chemistry between each musician was a wonderful thing to experience, each member dancing eloquently off on others sound. Together they crafted a large and impressive soundscape that was mesmerising, swallowing the listener whole. It truly was a captivating performance that shows huge potential to grow, it is no doubt this young band will gain notoriety.

Bonetired by Kieran Webber

Closing the night off was the much talked about Bonetired, an outfit whos ambitions match their large and explosive sound. Since their single launch night at The Grapes, Falmouth they have been talk of the town, since that show the lads have cut their teeth around the country and have near perfected their sound. Their performance at FIVES was a tight nit alternative rock explosion that boasted their dynamic sound. Most impressive was bassist Ryan Barsby’s skill to create such an overpowering sound from one instrument. The bands charm was on full effect this night and they had the whole crowd under their spell.

It was another night that further installed a building scene here in Falmouth, people came out and delved into some live music. It was fantastic to be a part of and has me very excited for the future of our ever growing scene.

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By Kieran Webber 

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