Header Image & Words by Kieran Webber

We first got a taste of the Crooked Little Sons at Leopallooza festival last year. The band had a jam packed tent, hidden amongst the trees going absolutely mental to their anarchic and frantic rock ‘n’ roll. Watching frontman Josh Bessant throw himself around, donned in a suit was something to behold, let alone when he decided to climb the rafters of the tent. Their stage presence, matched with their music make them one of the U.K’s most impressive live bands. They are incredibly underrated.

In normal circumstances I would push for you to experience these guys live. However, with current circumstances it may be some time before we’re going out to watch live music. Luckily though the band are releasing their first live album ‘Live & Loud At The Junction’. The 7 track live LP is a recording from one of their shows at The Junction in Plymouth.

The experience may not be as sweaty or rowdy but you’ll certianly get a feel for tremendous chaos that erupts at Crooked Little Sons live shows.

Image by Martha Fitzpatrick