Frenetic alt-pop. Stadium rock. Anthemic emo. These are just some of the ways to describe Curses and Curses music and it’s only just at the starting point. Just like his career, yet his music is timeless

From London to Liverpool, this is one talented artist every reader needs to know about. Aaron Akpojaro, the 24-year-old singer, songwriter and producer behind Cures and Curses is one to admire.

Think The Neighbourhood meets Foals, with a dash of Bring Me The Horizon is how he has been portrayed and that is exactly who the man is. He’s an artist that can’t be tied down to one genre and in an age where it feels like everyone has to fit into a box, Curses and Curses is smashing out of the box with his own unique sound.

From appearances on the Rip It Up and LIMF Academy programmes to working with indie-rock bands such as Crystal Tides and more, the talented artist has become something special. Something that allows beautiful lyricism, stunning vocals and mesmerising production all into one track such as this new one.

‘Empty Love’ is a track born out of passion, which is clear to see from this writer’s perspective. It’s a track that shows little glimpses of himself while still keeping the mystery of who he is. It’s a track that brings momentum to the upcoming 7-track EP titled ‘Liberate Me’.

Regardless of how you feel about mixing genres into one project, you’ll feel your thoughts and emotions changing on that one as you live, breathe and listen to this wonderful bit of new music from Cures and Curses.

Listen to ‘Empty Love’ here: