Photo credit: Cluny Powell

Cluny Powell<br>
Cluny Powell

Hailing from Oxford, now based in Bristol – I can often be found at the back of a gig observing the magic of rock.

From the mellow grooves of Alfie Templeman to the musical fusion of Squid Dot To Dot, Bristol provided us with a sonic treat

The sun was once again shining across the hills of Bristol for Dot to Dot festival 2022, with a rough plan for the day scribbled on a piece of paper in one hand, and camera in the other we were ready to face the music. 

The scheduling gods were working in our favour this year, giving our favourites Saloon Dion two sets; one in the early afternoon and one in the depths of the evening. We managed to catch them at The Louisiana Bar before rushing across to The Lanes to see energetic duo Getdown Services, who never fail to get the crowd moving.

Of course heading back to the O2 Academy, where we spent the entirety of Dot To Dot last year, to celebrate with young Alfie Templeman (and the rest of his adoring fans) the release of his debut album ‘Mellow Moon’, and later coming back to watch the embodiment of musical fusion that are Squid.

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Photos by Cluny Powell