By Kieran Webber

Brighton’s GANG will release their wonderfully macabre new 7” single, ‘Dead’ / ‘Enough Nothing’, on November 25th via Ra-Ra Rok Records.

The band have shared the track ‘Dead’ a doom laden number that evokes the darkest of spirits backed by fuzzed out sludgy riffs. Speaking about the track singer and guitarist Eric Tormey explains:

“Dead was written following an epiphany of sorts, A cold, universal light leaked through my skull as I drowned in anxiety, showing me the insignificance of human struggle. We are self-aggrandising bacteria on the surface of a rock floating in a huge, mostly empty space. Anything we do or think is inconsequential, and there is only one outcome. One day our earth will be gone, any trace of anything anyone has ever known will be gone. There will be no rights or wrongs, no alternate paths. All the glorious and tragic events of humanity will compress into one finite moment. At first this prospect terrified me. I lay quivering on the floor until the following morning, holding my mother’s hand while my father proclaimed that I “had probably had some bad speed”. As the days, weeks and months passed I developed a sense of clarity. I realised that to focus on what’s important in one’s life is all there is to do. Don’t be governed by petty desires that are thrust upon you. You don’t need wealth, or love, or sex, or fame, or recognition. Look inside yourself and see what it is you desire. Anything else is fool’s play.”

Listen here: