Gloo A Pathetic Youth Cover
Out now via Self-Release 

Rating: 8/10

By Connor Matthews

Gloo’s debut album ‘A Pathetic Youth’ is a perfect summer album, full of huge chorus’ and loveable pop punk lyrics, and packed with British charm and cynicism – with their lead single ‘Holiday’ showing this best. ‘Holiday’ is the standout song of the album as Gloo tap into the feeling of wanting to “get away” from your monotonous day to day life, which all the downtrodden working class feel at least once in their life, and channel their frustrations into a 2-and-a-half-minute punk rock anthem that festival crowds are bound to fall in love with.

Listen to ‘Holiday’ here:

Gloo successfully manage to meld the catchy chorus’ of the Ramones with the attitude and sneer of 3 Colours Red to create their own taste of punk rock, doing this surprisingly well for a debut album. Other highlights include ‘Pissheads’ and ‘No Shit Sally’, the song titles showing off their personality as a band. ‘Pissheads’ is perfect for finishing off their sets, bringing a massive chorus for the crowd to raise their beer and shout along to, and a bouncy hook laden riff to nod their heads to.

Despite being a debut album, Gloo pack a lot of great songs in a short but sweet 28 minutes, making them a band to keep an eye on. If you’re looking for cheesy yet endearing shout-along punk rock, check out ‘A Pathetic Youth’, and catch them at 2000 Trees or on their UK tour in August.