By Kieran Webber

Living in a small town in the UK can either make you or break you, some people relish in the mundanity of it all and others seek adventure in distant shores. Some of us channel that frustration, misery and angst into music or art. The West Sussex based Gloo are an example of the later, they channel the hilarity and bleakness of small town life through high octane rock ‘n’ roll.

Their latest video for single ‘Holiday’ is wholly featured in their fading seaside resort Little Hampton and sees the chaps goofing around in town. The track itself is a raucous ear assault that is brimming with infectious riffs, creating a head-banging adventure that is relentless.

Gloo will be self releasing their debut album ‘A Pathetic Youth’ and will be available for purchase July 6th. The band will also be heading out to play 2000 Trees Festival with a full UK tour in the pipeline.

Listen to ‘Holiday’ here: