By Kieran Webber

It’s not very often a band releases a live album these days, the concept seems to be dying which is a damn shame. However, there are artists out there who are still flying the live album flag, artists such as Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees and even Tame Impala. Although the sound quality isn’t as crisp or polished it gives the listener a insight into the experience of said band live, an important and exciting aspect.

Thankfully Gringo Star are jumping in with a new live album ‘Controlled Burn’ recorded at The Earl Atlanta, GA show. The album is scheduled for release summer 2019 via Baby Robot Records.

Gringo Star are a beautiful vintage feel indie-psych rock outfit that blend Lennon esque vocals with a modern guitar band twist. They are daringly infectious and inventive with their sound. It’s music you can dance to, cry  to and generally groove too, similar to their counterparts The Black Lips and Wavves.

The live recording of ‘Back To The City’ embodies their care free sound and boasts their enthralling live performances.

Listen to ‘Back To The City’ here:

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