By Kieran Webber

The indie quartet hailing from London whose blend of infectious riffs and brash delivery makes them a tantalizing listen, not to mention a tongue in cheek songwriting that takes jabs at the most basic part of life in a way that you cannot help chuckle too.

Their debut self titled EP is a throwback to the 90’s britpop scene, dripping in ironic-isms and deadpan delivery from vocalist Jamie. After wrapping our ears around the EP we were eager to chat with the band and luckily they were more than happy for a chinwag.

CLUNK: I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to answer our questions it means a lot! How are you and what have you been up to?

Jamie: We are all very well thanks, we have just got from playing a few shows to promote our debut EP.

CLUNK: I have just listened to your EP and I absolutely love it, from the explosive opening of ‘Hanna’ to the melancholy ‘Tippex jeans’. I am curious to know what the influence was for the EP and how you went about recording the tracks?

Jamie: We got inspired by finding the beauty and the beastly in everyday life.

Mark: People give reason and purpose, and this is one of the most enjoyable forms of communication. We recorded lots of songs several times over the years but settled on a live take in a basement studio in Dalston that boasts a combination of  old reel to reel with modern digital software to produce the sounds we wanted to achieve for the EP.

CLUNK: Did you do anything differently or out of the ordinary when writing material for HOO HAs ?

Mark: Generally we write from a guitar riff and a vocal idea then after jamming it with the band we will think about the structure and dynamic, standard stuff. Between the song writing there a dozens of little recordings that are often more punk or weirdly experimenting with delay pedals or Dictaphone samples that could be used in the future.

CLUNK: What is it about making music that you find so attractive and how did you get into creating music?

Mark: We enjoy performing and composing, creating and making decisions together and seeing how it all progresses, and being able to listen back to specific moments. In the same way a certain smell can take you to a specific memory, listening to recordings takes you back, very vividly.

CLUNK: Sum up HOO HAs in one sentence?

Mark: I’m sure not I can, but if anyone can Ercan can. Adam says woof a lot.

CLUNK: I feel your songwriting is observational am I right in thinking this?

Jamie: Indeed. Well observed. At the moment I like to write from experience but who knows what approach I’ll take in the future.

CLUNK: Through your music you have an incredible wit have you ever considered writing a comedy series?

Jamie: Funnily enough it has been discussed!

Mark: But we can’t say what just yet, of course

CLUNK: Is there any particular people or artists that influenced you if so who and why?

Mark: I grew up listening to the same few blues records my dad owned – which was mostly Ry Cooder and JJ Cale. I then got into grunge and punk in my teens as I’d started playing guitar and bass. Bands like Pearl Jam and Fugazi. When growing up music helped me find identity, grunge and the alternative scene was appealing to me at that time and the friends I made encouraged me to continue with music. Combining that with the love of blues music I think this explains a lot of the choices I make for HOO HAs.

CLUNK: Can you list us your top five albums of the past decade?

A couple are too old but too good to leave out!

Tom Waits-Real Gone

Eels-Blinking Lights And Other Revelations

White Denim-Fits

Deerhoof-La Isla Bonita

Unknown Mortal Orchestra- their first two albums (2011 & 2013)

CLUNK: Do you have a particular favourite track off the EP, what one and why?

Mark: The final track, ‘tonight I put her to sleep’. The crazy ending always makes us laugh.. actually the whole song is pretty funny in an awkward  ‘her dad just walked in on us’ kind of way

CLUNK: I can imagine you guys have some pretty raw/funny stories so would you be kind enough to share one with us please?

Adam: We are gentlemen. So raw doesn’t really come into it.  Have we ever done anything funny? Wychwood festival, rob and mark wrestled for 3 hours at sunrise. Woof.

CLUNK: What can we expect from you the rest of this year and beyond?

Adam: For one thing, we’ve made a to do list, and it is to be done by Christmas. So we can enjoy the festivities feeling a large sense of satisfaction and prepare for our next big WOOF.

Massive shoutout to the guys for answering our question it means a lot and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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