By Kieran Webber

Today I take the pleasure of introducing to you Apeman Spaceman which consists of Johnny Cooke on vocals/guitar, Rikki Mehta on guitar (both from noughties post-punk band Dogs) and Carl Dalemo on bass (original member of Razorlight), with Ethan Kennedy on drums.

The story behind the name is a simple one, Cooke explains, “Inspired by a Brian Cox TV show it’s about man’s evolutionary journey from the savannahs up into space. And it’s about the ape and man in all of us, constantly scrapping for attention”, adding, “And it looks good on the bass drum”.

The single ‘Spacecatraz’, taken off the upcoming self titled debut EP, that is set for release 10th June is a thumping indie rock belter that has one of the most infectious riff of the year. The song started to take shape after Cooke saw Tim Peak in the international space station, he then awoke to dreams the following morning of a futuristic Romeo and Juliet unceremoniously separated by the authorities on the grounds that Romeo was a bad influence, and a junkie.

Listen here: