By Kieran Webber

Five Grand Stereo are Chris Singleton (vocals, guitar, piano); Jane Fraser (vocals); Stelios Kalisperides (guitar); Michael Kirkland (sax and synths); Zane Maertens (bass) and Ben Woollacott (drums). Together they are fusing together modern sensibilities into 70’s inspired classic rock, it is foot tapping goodness that is oozing cool.

Their latest video release, shot at The Fish Factory Studios in London, sees them perform a new track ‘Clip Joint’, live. With a nod to the likes of Joseph Arthur, Frank Zappa and The Velvet Underground, it tells the story of a somewhat accidental (and unsuccessful) trip to one of Soho’s more dubious establishments.

Keep your ears open for the bands new single, album and accompanying tour dates.

Listen here: