Words & Photography by Kieran Webber

It appears more and more artists are finally making their way down to Cornwall and last week saw the ever impressive South-London artist¬†Isaac Gracie bless the stage of the Falmouth University AMATA Theatre. Along for the ride was the captivating Billie Marten, who’s heartfelt, beautiful compositions left the audiences agape.

The simple layout of the AMATA Theatre was perfect for such an intimate show, the crowd is pretty much on level with the stage, creating a real warmth between audience and artist. I also want to note how crisp the sound was, massive shoutout to the person doing sound that night.

Billie Marten Falmouth
Billie Marten by Kieran Webber

Opening things up was the spellbinding Billie Marten whose music can only be explained as beautiful, it brought the chatty crowd to an absolute standstill. The simple plucks of her guitar backed by the subtle percussion created soft, warm and mesmerising sound. It was hard not to be moved by the music. Billie’s stunning vocals melted over the music like butter, boasting not only her warming vocals but her stunning lyricism. The whole performance was truly breathtaking. It was Billie’s first gig in Falmouth and i truly hope it won’t be her last.

Isaac Gracie
Isaac Gracie by Kieran Webber

It wasn’t long before Isaac Gracie and his band flew onto stage, with a quick greet and hello they exploded into ‘Running On Empty’, the anthemic track was an explosive opening, gripping the audience from the first chord. Things were toned down for following song ‘Terrified’, a dark yet enticing song that saw Isaac’s songwriting really shine. It’s hard not to resonate with such painfully honest lyrics. Throughout Isaac put himself on show, allowing us into his world. We journeyed through love, heartache and vulnerability. We also were shown the good times and how that these hard moments in life are needed to grow better and stronger. This message delivered by the vocals of an angel, it was a perfect performance from Isaac and his voice is truly something to behold.

The night came to a close with ‘The Death Of You & I’, arguably the best track on the recent album. The slow building track meandered until boiling point where it exploded into a flurry of riffs and heavy percussion. Watching Isaac Gracie and his bandmates throw themselves around and put themselves into their instruments was fantastic to watch.

Isaac Gracie Falmouth
Isaac Gracie by Kieran Webber

After being egged on by the crowd they returned to the stage for a 2 song encore where they further dazzled with ‘Last Words’ and ‘Reverie’. It was a fantastic night that saw two extremely talented musicians capture a whole audience.

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By Kieran Webber