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The legendary artist has come back to play with a brand new track and it has been worth waiting for

2022 was a year of stamping her mark on the music world. Now, in 2023, it’s the year of showing why PRINS is the artist to keep an eye on.

She’s known for creating banger after banger. ‘Something New’ is one of those tracks that will keep any listener hooked.

Even with a track that is a part of an ingredient to an emotional cocktail of her discography, this new one is PRINS bravely reflecting on the journey that’s led her here.

It’s a mixture of creatives from different continents working on it, remotely working with people in Los Angeles, tweaked in Sydney, mixed in Los Angeles and then mastered in Nashville has led to this being a special track. It’s a brilliant way to bring in the new year and tease of what is available in the body of work out now.

The release of her E.P, ‘Life Is Better Now’ is here and this writer is eagerly waiting to write about it.

Commenting on the track: “It’s about the feeling of outgrowing a space you once called home, wanting more from your life than people around you and all the psychological effects of that. It also touches on the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ and how difficult that is to navigate as an emerging artist.”

Listen to ‘Something New’ here: