Words & Header Image by Kieran Webber 

It’s deep into the summer and those native to Cornwall are looking for any excuse for a bloody good piss up under the scorching sun. Thankfully towards the end of July we are given the best excuse to gather around at The Wyldes, sink a few beverages, watch some amazing live music and generally have an epic time.

For one weekend the worlds worries are put to the side, Boris Johnson is Prime Minister? Who cares, pass me a cider! Plastic pollution is killing marine life at an alarming rate? That sucks, but did you see how good that last band was?

The world can feel like it is falling to bits but events such as Leopallooza can make all that seem like a distant dream. This is due to the stellar line-up, brilliant festival ground and wholesome atmosphere that surrounds the lush countryside.

Since our first excursion at Leopallooza we have been bigging up the festival and 2019’s antics solidified our opinion that Leopalozza might just be Cornwall’s best festival.

This year the weather was on our side adding to the experience, as golden beams shone through excitement filled our hearts. As most of you know rock ‘n’ roll fills runs through our blood here at CLUNK. So as expected we found ourselves at the loudest, sweatiest and riff heavy areas of the festival. The variety of music available though was something to be adored, the Treeline saw the best in electronic music ranging from DnB, techno and house. Areas such as the MONO tent had everything indie through to heavy metal and the two main stages had a beautiful selection of a variety of sounds.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard by Kieran Webber

The weekends first highlight came in the form of Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, a classic rock inspired band from Cardiff. Their set was a total blast, from beginning to end. Watching lead singer and axe man Tom put, frolick and dance around stage, channeling his inner Freddie Mercury or Mick Jagger was a sight to behold. Not to mention their fun, playful rock sounds which were something of a real treat. We consider ourselves total fans of these guys now and cannot wait to see more of them.

Following on from this was another delightful slice of rock n roll pie, this time being served by Crooked Little Sons. A belting rock band that use their anthemic, pulsing riffs and gruff vocals to snare the audience into a frenzy. There are few bands that are as unrelentlessly cool as these guys and it shows in their frantic live shows.

Next up saw Australian psych rock outfit Psychedelic Porn Crumpets bring forward a barrage of far out carnage. A wall of sound that appeared unrelenting, tangents flying left right and centre. At one point the universe opened up and it all made sense, just for the Aussie band to punch reality in the face. Essentially, they turned up blew our minds and left, it was like they were never there, maybe they weren’t… (they were and they were great!)

Across the weekend saw plenty of other amazing performances, especially in the MONO tent. However main stage on the Saturday saw a belting set from The Vaccines. The indie royalty played to a energetic crowd that played right into their hands. Each song was sung back towards the band with an almighty power. It was a great experience and one that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Also can we please talk about how it is possible that every member of the band is as handsome as they are!?

Mother Vulture by Kieran Webber

However, with all on offer it has to be Mother Vulture that stole the show. The Friday saw the band show just a snippet of what they are about on the main stage, but it was in the MONO tent where these gremlins came to life. They played to a jam packed tent of eager rockers all looking to get wild. Thankfully Mother Vulture provided everything they needed and more. Riffs were shredded, poles were climbed and pits were formed. At one point guitarist Brodie found himself being held above the crowd, surfing his way whilst plucking his way through a meaty solo.

As Sunday came to an end, and the sun started to rise, through lack of sleep I had a moment. Leopallooza is my favourite festival in Cornwall (heck maybe even in the world). The staff, audience, bands, food stalls, security… every single person makes this humble little festival a special place. Every year it is a weekend to remember and every year we fall in love with Leopallooza in a new way.

Support this festival in any way you can and make sure you are here next year!

Although not included in this review we want to say other highlights were Crooked Little Sons, Moriarty, Heavy Lungs, Seasick Steve & Pattern Pusher.