By Kieran Webber

Jinnwoo is the work of Brighton (UK) -based visual artist and singer-songwriter Ben Webb. In 2014 Jinnwoo released his debut ‘Your Baby’ E.P. and a series of singles, including the E.P.’s title track, as well as ‘Solo Man’, ‘You Should Be Feeling This Elliott’ and ‘I Am, I Am, The World’s Oldest Man.’ The releases collectively garnered coverage across The Guardian Guide, The Line of Best Fit, Clash, 405, For Folk’s Sake – among many others – all accumulating in Jinnwoo being named one of The Independent’s ‘Faces to Watch 2015’.

Now Jinnwoo has shared his latest offering ‘Waiting For ‘P’ To Have A Vision’ off the long awaited debut album that is penned for September 2016. 

Talking about the track Ben explains, “I was stuck in a very frustrating place with someone, and I realised I had been in that place a million times before with a million different people. Sometimes you find yourself waiting for someone’s approval, or input, or for them to just write to you at least – just some glimmer from them. Adding “But all these people ever do is give you just enough to keep you hanging on longer, there is never a conclusion, and they never allow you to pack up and move on. This song is an attack against that.”

Listen here: