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Josh Abraham

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If you’re wanting gritty garage-punk riffs and snarling vocals then you’re in the right place.

Have you ever wanted to feel like a badass when walking down the street? Just listen to the intro of this track. It makes you feel like the main character of the grittiest television show and that’s what this writer loves about the new offering from False Heads

Mime The End’ is a track that brings together grunge and garage punk with a little twist. It’s a tune that guides you through those tough moments in life and discovers a positive out of it all. That is what False Heads are so good at doing. Finding those moments in life that for some, can be difficult to process, let alone write about, but ‘Mime The End’ helps any listener rise like a phoenix.

With raging guitars and bellowing drums, this new track, that is coming from upcoming album ‘Sick Moon’ due out in Autumn, is all about “Accepting the worst and fighting for the best, accepting death and doing something with your blank canvas before the bell tolls” says frontman Luke Griffiths.

This track and band are something special. Having been endorsed by the legend that is Iggy Pop, you can tell something is brewing with this trio. What it is, only time will tell. Each lyric, each guitar lick and each moment in the new track allows False Heads to become a regular in any listeners list of bands to look out for.

With an incendiary live reputation and new music pounding at the door of the masses, it’s clear to see that buzz around False Heads has been worth it.