By Kieran Webber

DIY band Little Comets have shared the sunny, syncopated track ‘Common Things’ from their upcoming album, ‘Worhead’ set for release March 10th via The Smallest Label. ‘Common Things’ is a reflective track about enjoying the common things in a relationship, even if those common things include such sensory, uncompromising delights as being regularly re-contaminated by cold sores, as is the case presented here.

Talking on the track Rob Coles (vocals and guitar) says:

“I suppose it is semi-autobiographical up to a point as I am quite a simple person and take more from the gaps than the need to fill them…Me and Mickey (as usual) wrote this one in his garage after Mickey had been playing a really obscure riff, which we adapted for the chorus melody. The verses came later as the need for a narrative became apparent.

I think what helped is that the chorus line paints a real picture of what the verses should be about. It was just a case of filling in the bits of the story; which fed from the idea of a couple being satisfied with just the simple things.”

Listen to ‘Common Things’ here: