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Cluny Powell

Hailing from Oxford, now based in Bristol – I can often be found at the back of a gig observing the magic of rock.

Lacuna Common’s Christmas Cracker at The Jericho Tavern is a (supposedly) annual Christmas party. Of course, due to the world shutting down, this is only the second and it is no longer mere days until Christmas, rather the day after Valentine’s Day, or 313 days before Christmas.

London’s Sassy from Saint Boy opened the night at the iconic venue with some mellow songs predominantly focused on bad experiences whilst dating. The juxtaposition between the dark humor and melancholic overall feel, during a song about when a Hinge date does not go well, was well received. Her beautiful vocals, with satirical lyrics and melodic brilliance on the piano made for a perfect start to the first ever February Christmas Party.

Photo credit: Cluny Powell
Photo credit: Cluny Powell

Danny Mellin’s set was not hindered by the fact that one of his band members caught covid two days before, turning it into a one man performance where he utilised his loop pedal expertly. Even though there was a lack of people present on stage there was not a lack of stage presence as Oxford’s very own Danny Mellin encapsulated the audience, making them laugh, clap and sing with his songs full of catchy lyrics and groovy guitar riffs. In spite of the fact that the loop pedal cut out at the beginning of his last song, Danny embodied the saying ‘the show must go on’; jumping into the pit, having everyone create a circle around him and performing acoustic and unplugged.

‘Arena Band’ Lacuna Common were, as always, a thrill to watch live. Although individually promising each of them unpleasant reviews, there is nothing bad to say about this Oxford born and bred indie band. They provided a set full of – for a lack of better words – bangers, dating back to their 2018 single ‘Tucked In’ and featuring many of their newer songs from their 2021 EP ‘It’s All Talk’. These boys never fail to turn any venue into a pit of very sweaty people, this one was no different. Although no gig will ever be as sweaty as their 2019 gig at Port Mahon, Oxford on possibly the hottest day in July that year.

Not only did this show feature their untameable, fizzy energy and familiar guitar music, it also included down to earth banter about garden centres that only Oxford locals would understand, and needing new amps.

They will next be found making jokes about, hopefully, funnier things in Bristol at Outer Town Festival in April.