Words: Kieran Webber | Images: Aaron Parsons Photography 

Molotov Jukebox set Exeter’s The Cavern alight with their high octane mariachi inspired tropical funk. For a short time the crowd was taken to the sunny, palm lined beaches of South America.

Within seconds the band backed by Natalia Tena’s prowess have the audience in their hands with each song leaving the crowd lusting for more of their sensationally groovy beats. Without command the crowd is completely alight with pockets of exotic dancing opening up and a smog of good vibes smothers us all.

The relationship that develops between the band and the audience is one of grandeur and as the crowd starts to get more electric this power is absorbed by the band and shot back out into the crowd creating this beautiful energy between the two.

It is hard to not move your body to their tropical gypsy sound that riots from the bottom of your feet all the way up to your shoulders, you will find yourself dancing in a manner that you thought impossible, but their samba riffs and howling trumpets will take over your body like voodoo.

They are of the same ilk as Gogol Bordello (an artist they consider an influence) but unlike the US gypsy punk outfit, they bring an element of spice to their music and a level of sexy that is unattainable to most.

Their show was a fiery example of the energy that they have become known for bringing to a show. It was a splendid time and The Cavern, although a small venue, was a fantastic host for the band and aided in creating the intimate setting that Molotov Jukebox relished in.