Words & Images by Kieran Webber 

Newquay, much like most of Cornwall can be extremely fickle, especially when it comes to live music. However, in the past six months there has been a change in the wind for the often forgotten county. There are more and more shows popping up, particularly in Falmouth but perhaps Newquay isn’t far behind.

My experience with this town has been shakey to say the least, especially regarding live music. However, recently there has been rumblings of an eager crowd attending shows, they’re still not paying but they are at least showing up. The latest Mother Vulture & Cybernetic Witch Cult show at Whiskers was a jam packed, sweaty blow out. I was left buzzing from yet another incredible performance from the two bands but also from the fact the room was packed to the gills.

The gig was off the back of a recent court hearing where Whiskers was hoping to extend their license, it was unfortunately denied. With this in mind the owners pleaded with punters online to come early to enjoy the music and performances on offer. This clearly didn’t fall on deaf ears, people arrived, enjoyed the music and rocked out.

Cybernetic Witch Cult by Kieran Webber

Starting the night was the deep rooted stoner rock sounds of Cybernetic Witch Cult, a band that never cease to amaze. From beginning to end we were treated to a barrage of meaty riffs, explosive percussion and gruff vocals. The band at many times found themselves deep rooted in tangents that felt never ending, taking the crowd on an ethereal journey into the deepest, darkest corners of the universe. The eccentric mix of old sci-fi films, trippy visuals and stoner rock sounds makes for a unique, neck breaking experience. You absolutely must check out CWC as you will not be left disappointed.

Following this was the riotous sounds of Mother Vulture, who have been on a conquest throughout the south west. Each town they embark on are left jaw agape, stories of them are starting to circulate. To label them wild would be an understatement, these four quiet, well mannered chaps become total animals when let loose on stage. It didn’t take long for them to get warmed up and take control of the stage and crowd watching them.

Mother Vulture by Kieran Webber

Without hesitation lead singer Georgio flung himself into the middle of the crowd, getting amongst people and riling them up. Guitarist Brodie too found his way into the crowd, throwing out tasty licks to the full crowd. This was just the beginning of the carnage, mosh pits opened up and for a moment the band were lost amongst a wave of people. Half way through the set Brodie climbs an amp stack and flings himself 7 foot off the stack.

With each performance Mother Vulture are becoming even more unrelenting in their energy. With each show they leave their mark, growing and building on their insanity. It won’t be long until these guys start turning heads in the big smoke. It’s hard to ignore a presence as large as theirs.

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By Kieran Webber