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Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith

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Eloise announces debut album ‘Drunk On A Flight’ & shares self-titled single

Eloise, a UK based artist has announced her new debut album ‘Drunk On A Flight’ to be released on 14th April via AWAL (Pre-save here). In addition to this, she has also releases the albums title track for us to obsess over.

In said song, ‘Drunk On A Flight’, follows the narrative of a relationship going sour. Eloise’s songwriting hits the nail on the head, her soft voice allows the lyrics to really hit deeper and allows people listening to feel a wave of nostalgia.

No matter how the relationship ended, she is always thinking of them in other people she meets, something we all wish we could live without doing every now and then. The high notes she can reach make the hair on your arms stand up, as well as the layering of the vocals towards the end of the song.

‘Drunk On A Flight’ is Eloise‘s sophomore album, following her debut ‘Somewhere In-Between’, released in 2021. Her debut felt like a big love letter to someone, all of her late-night thoughts being turned into raw storytelling songs. It appears we will be going on another emotional journey as Eloise shows us more vulnerability through her songwriting.

Having toured with Sam Smith and built over 100 million streams, Eloise is on a trajectory to be on of the UK’s most important female artists.

Listen/watch ‘Drunk On A Flight’ here: