By Tom Tozer

Paris’s own Magon has been producing dynamite since they started. Their stylish approach by creating a character for the band in their new album. This band’s music carries a relaxing upscale feel, its fresh, highly emotive and bolstered by smooth riffs and an always-fitting drum beat.

Their latest albums first track ‘King of Nothing’ is depicts the beginning of salvation, a person starting from the bottom whois pressured to present themselves as something they’re not. This is strengthened with in the lyrics, “All we see is your honey”. However, Magon show us they are ready to move on and look back at the past openly, this is sentiment is enforced by the graceful lyrics “Time to hang the fearful tear and we will see the things we said and done”.

During the track, the music very much speaks for itself at times, with highs and lows. It’s a beautiful story that is told masterfully by Magon

Listen to ‘King Of Nothing’ here:

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