Photography by Tara Wilts

Mazey Haze has been making a name for herself, as the dreamy, ethereal artist supporting Paolo Nutini, Feng Suave, Opera Alaska and Spacey Jane. Now she is channelling her thoughts, life experiences and strong personal style into her second EP. 

Indie-rock artist Mazey Haze recently announced her newest EP ‘Back to the Start’, which will be available from 7th April 2023. While we wait, she has released two singles from the EP to give a flavour of what’s to come. After listening to the second singleI Feel Like a Child, I imagine it tastes like strawberries and slightly warm beer.  

Mazey Haze, known off stage as Nadine Appeldoorn, has created a distinctive, signature atmosphere with her music. Her echoey, far-away vocals blend into dreamy synth and bossa-nova style beats. Each track she has released feels warm and summery, yet sad, and wouldn’t be out of place as the soundtrack for a moody, foreign coming-of-age film.  

I Feel Like a Child was born from Mazey Haze’s realisation that it’s fine, and actually very freeing, to not have the same perspective as everyone else. She wanted to explain that “what’s important is keeping in touch with your imagination” and capture how it feels to experience child-like wonder as an adult. Haze felt “wonderful and calm” spending time alone and soaking in her surroundings, yet “overwhelmed and confused by so many people” in everyday life. I Feel Like a Child is about deciding not to think about things too much and focus on feeling what you’re feeling and acting on it. 

I Feel Like a Child radiates the floaty, carefree feeling she’s talking about. Even though I’m listening from my freezing house-share in Cornwall, in my head I’m wine drunk and making garlic bread in an Italian Airbnb with the girls. This is ‘The Mazey Haze Affect’ and comes with the promise that her upcoming EP will be flooded with escapism and nostalgia. If you haven’t listened to I Feel Like a Child yet, I would recommend doing so sat on a nice grassy hill, or on your way to a samba class. 

Watch/ listen to I Feel Like a Child here: 


19 Jan – Eurosonic Festival (NL)
13 Apr – Amsterdam, Toekomstmuziek Paradiso (NL)
15 Apr – Groningen, Vera (NL)
19 Apr – Ghent, Charlatan (BE)
21 Apr – Leeuwarden, Neushoorn (NL)
22 Apr – Rotterdam, V11 (NL)