Words by Alysa O' Connor | Header Image by Josh Collins

Milo Gore, the 5 piece collective have just dropped their new single ‘Jerry Can’, taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘HDYCWGFTL’.

Encompassing a mix of alternative rock, pop and a dash of punk energy, the Gore family offer a raw and honest insight into the life of late adolescence, as well as the trials and tribulations that come with navigating the 21st century.

It’s a small taste of what’s to come in August this year, a brilliant introduction to the new album. A gripping track encompassing a variety of life challenges, taking you on a journey through Milo’s realisation that childhood innocence is behind him, and that the future of our country is uncertain. Posing questions about the state of our current climate, the legitimacy of his relationships during mental health battles and shedding light on his experiences both with drug addiction, and rehabilitation. This single is written with raw emotion, driven by a familiar yet intriguing riff complimented by gentle harmonies, Christina’s magical talent of course, that draw you in to a false sense of security before a banger of a signature change knocks you for six, instant rewind. This brilliant heavy hitter of a single just got us even more excited for the new album.

Listen/watch ‘Jerry Can’ here: