Listen To This | Miniponyca – Intro

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By Connor Matthews

MINIPONYCA’s new instrumental track ‘Intro’ from their new EP ‘La Maravigliosa Estate dei Minipony‘ instantly tugs at your heartstrings, pulling you into their world and pushing you into a gentle freefall, as a welcome into their 3 track EP.

The Italian duo build up this beautiful scenery throughout the short running-time of ‘Intro’ that is just all-round full of joy. With no vocals, the entire focus is on the music, and there is so much to discover with ‘Intro’ – as it is one of those tracks that warrants multiple listens to pick out the different strands that make it up.

‘Intro’ builds up to and peaks with a joyous explosion of all these different instruments and melodies that creates this incredible heart-swelling conclusion and leaves you needing more.

Listen to ‘Intro’ here:

If you’re looking for something full of hope and heart for the new year, check out MINIPONYCA’s gorgeous new track and the rest of the EP here: