By Ross Jones

Having turned a lot of heads with their first two singles in recent weeks, Basement Revolver have released ‘Lake, Steel, Oil’ – the third taste of their upcoming self-titled EP which is out this Friday (15th July).

The track is a hard-hitting trace through reminiscent memories and anxiety over a chapter in life coming to a close. Overwhelming emotion comes to a head as the track builds into monolithic sounding guitars, vocalist Chrisy Hurn announcing “these days are numbered” – no one has been more convincing in their conviction.

Discussing the making of the EP, Chrisy explained that the songs detail a time of adjustment;

“These songs were all written at a point in my life where I was experiencing a change in identity. Lyrically, there was a lot of looking back and processing the life and experiences I had been through. As a band we chose these songs in particular because they are some of our favourites from that time and they all share a similar mentality and tone. These are the songs that helped to shape and make us.”

‘Basement Revolver’ is released on the 15th July through Fear of Missing Out.